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— History —, LLC was founded in 1999 by Thomas J. Brown, who after spending over 10 years as a claims adjuster and claims manager, for an independent adjusting firm and municipal self-insureds, knew there must be a better way., LLC was founded in 1999 by Thomas J. Brown (click here to read bio), who after spending over 10 years as a claims adjuster and claims manager, for an independent adjusting firm and municipal self-insureds, knew there must be a better way.

Thomas attended a PLRB Convention in the mid-nineties, in which the keynote speaker talked about the coming "Internet revolution", and his expectation that this new phenomenon would one day change the world, in a more dominant way than had the agricultural and industrial revolutions. Hearing this prognostication about such a little-known and understood concept had a profound impact on Thomas's thinking about the way in which his chosen profession operated.

At the time, people were just beginning to use email, and the Internet as a business tool was hardly commonplace. It would be years before the insurance industry employed any of the common Internet technologies so widely used today, but Thomas knew then that insurance—and claims in particular—were ripe for change. He knew that the paper file of the time would be replaced in the not-to-distant future, and he wanted to drive that change. But how? Well, that answer took some time to figure out...

A few years later, Thomas convinced his then employer to allow him to build a claims management system. Thomas had a high school friend design a prototype using MS Access, and the seed was planted. This technology initiative took flight and the success of the project had a significant impact on his employer's business, and the direction of Thomas's career. He knew then that he wanted to focus on technology and knew he could only do so if he controlled his own business thus, E-Claim was born.

With the freedom to lead his own course, and the wind at his back (the Dot Com Boom was peaking), the company began by securing contracts with several national, state, and local independent adjusting associations. But the boom was short-lived, and the great Internet bust of 2000 put doubt in the minds of many, that this "revolution" was for real. The bust was not a deterrent to E-Claim, which had been funded by actual revenue, unlike nearly every Internet company, which had planned their future around the easy VC money.

E-Claim's early success came from developing websites, operating a successful claims industry resources portal, providing the industry with its first commercial online claim assignment service, and using its own systems as the backend to support its thriving ecommerce businesses. But, the dream of transforming the industry was an expensive and illusive effort… The success of these early offerings allowed E-Claim to fund development of its first Internet based Claims Management System, which launched in 2004, just before the "Big Four" hurricanes. The CMS program's successful operations and tremendously favorable response from our IA firm clients, as well as their field claims adjusters and insurance carriers, confirmed the vision, and began a period of rapid growth for E-Claim and its flagship offering, ClickClaims.

In 2006, E-Claim received additional affirmation of its efforts and vision, when AM Best named the company as recipient of its coveted eFusion Award, for Claims Management. E-Claim was then a tiny company, but competed and won against several finalists, which included large national service providers, as well as insurance carriers from multiple countries. Exposure from this event led to rapid adoption of ClickClaims as the premier online claims management solution, particularly in the area of property claims and more specifically in the niche of catastrophe claims management.

Over the next several years, E-Claim continued to grow its client base, as the world and the insurance industry began to understand "The Power of the Internet" (E-Claim's tagline since 1999), and became comfortable with Software as a Service, a concept that Salesforce brought to the masses several years later (we were "cloud" when cloud was not yet known, much less cool). Offering a "Base" product and a "Custom" solution, ClickClaims was affordable and available to companies of any size and could be quickly adapted to fit nearly any specialty business. ClickClaims has since been customized to serve the needs of insurance restoration providers, auto claim specialists, Take-Out carriers, and specialty brokers, including such niches as marine cargo claims.

ClickClaims is a pioneer in the area of Electronic Data Interchange, having developed an automated "claim importer" in 2005, which has become a cornerstone of our offering and a most-valued service to nearly all of our clients. ClickClaims currently imports claims from over 25 insurance carriers and offers bi-directional EDI with both Symbility and XactAnalysis. In 2012 these automated services allowed our clients to process over 50,000 claims in just the few short weeks following Hurricane Sandy.

In 2013 E-Claim launched a base version of ClickClaims for insurance companies with a focus on property. This offering includes a bi-directional EDI with Policy Port (Tiva), and the IA version of ClickClaims. This "full-circle" method of exchanging claims data provides our clients with unparalleled efficiency and a significant market advantage. Data is entered only once but is synchronized between all stakeholder systems.

E-Claim's commitment to providing the most advanced technologies is a fundamental part of our corporate vision and will continue to lead our industry through this exciting transformative period. With so many advancements having become commonplace within our industry over the last 10-15 years, one might think the future has been seen. We believe the future will bring even more exciting opportunities for transformational changes, and E-Claim intends to remain on the cusp of those discoveries—think wearable computing, drones, and "The Internet of Things", to name but a few—stay tuned!!!

— Vision —

E-Claim’s mission is to become the claim property and casualty industry’s premier provider of Internet-based insurance claims solutions. On a daily basis we strive to shape the future of claims management and deliver to our clients the most advanced tools in the industry.

To our employees, we hope to be viewed as a great place to attain one's professional goals. Our corporate culture encourages self-fulfillment and advancement of personal and career goals, in a fun and challenging environment.

To our clients, we hope to be viewed as a critical and valued business partner. Our goal is to serve when asked and be ready, always, for the many challenges our clients and this industry demand. Providing our clients with a distinct marketplace advantage, through advanced technology, is what we do.

— People —

All great companies are built around great people. People who are not only skilled in their chosen craft, but skilled in interactions with other people—this is what makes a team. E-Claim is a team of such people and as a company E-Claim fosters the growth of our team members, equal to the business itself.

Our clients know our team members by name, and frequently comment about our fun environment, yet also know they can rely on our people to fulfill their needs and wants. Ask any E-Claim client and they will tell you we say what we will do, and do what we say we will—it's that simple!

E-Claim does not follow the common path of many software development companies, who seek out the cheapest labor in order to improve the bottom line. Every line of code is written by full-time E-Claim employees, working in a central location, for collaboration, enjoyment, learning, and effective client communication and project management. Have you ever tried to discuss your software project with a developer working in a different country, in a time zone that is 8-10 hours different from yours? If so, you know what a nightmare that is. Yes, it's harder and more expensive to do business this way, but this is what makes E-Claim different, our people!

Thomas Brown
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Thomas Brown

Owner/President & Creator of ClickClaims

Thomas J. Brown founded E-Claim in 1999 and serves as president. Thomas graduated from LSU in 1988 (BS Economics), and then began his career as an insurance adjuster. His claim handling experiences include high-quantum tort, WC, USL&H and Jones Acts cases for clients including CIGNA, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron-Texaco, and the Louisiana Superdome. While serving as National Director of Claims to The Worley Companies, Thomas developed the company's first Claims Management System, WorlTrac®, before deciding to strike out on his own and pursue his dreams of bringing technology solutions to the masses.

Currently, Thomas spends the majority of his time in research and development, where he utilizes his claims background in applying emerging technologies to claims processing applications and solutions. Having worked with hundreds of service providers to improve their operations through the adoption of advanced technologies, Thomas has seen "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of claims adjusting. His personal goal is to be a trusted resource and valued business partner to each and every ClickClaims client. "I am very fortunate to have a career that I truly enjoy. Working with our clients to solve problems is what I wake up for daily".

image of American flag is a 100% designed and produced American product. We do not outsource any of our developing or coding to overseas locations. All employees are within the United States mainland. Our Help Desks are manned by our own employees and not by an overseas site and is manned 24/7/365. All calls receive a response within 15 minutes of contact. Help tickets are available on each customer's website.

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