Angela Heffner

Accounts Manager
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As Accounts Manager, Angela Heffner wears many hats, a condition of her employment which thrills her! Never a dull day, to say the least, and Angela is up for any and every task that comes her way. Sales, marketing, client on-boarding, training, and support - tasks which all fall within her wheelhouse and ensure that her appetite for learning and keeping busy, are assured. Angela also writes the majority of all documentation used in CMS.

Angela has over 15 years of experience in claims and insurance technology, having spent the majority of her professional carrier at Marshall, Swift, and Boeckh (MSB) in Technical Support and Account Management roles, as well as the Corporate Trainer for an established insurance adjusting firm. Well known and equally liked by her peers and clients, Angela is a breath of fresh air, with a never-ending smile and persistent optimistic outlook toward work and life outside of work.

Angela's greatest assets are her ability to multi-task and willingness to step in to assist others at a moment's notice. However, she is known to occasionally make an offbeat statement or question, at which time, Grandma tells her "your blonde roots are showing!"