Haley Tran

UI / UX Manager
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As the UI / UX Manager, Haley ensures an exceptional user experience. Her flare for graphic design (uncommon among true coders) yields a beautiful application style with screens that are clean, intuitive, and exceptionally user-friendly. But, Haley is not all about style, she is a highly skilled programmer and is charged with building and maintaining some of ClickClaims' most complex modules, including its Vendors and Contacts Managers, and our Indemnity Payment module, utilized by both carrier and TPA clients. Haley also redeveloped and re-engineered ClickClaims' unique, fully integrated electronic Call Center, one of two features that allowed ClickClaims to capture the 2006 AM Best eFusion Award, and one of our clients' most valued offerings.

As if that were not enough, Haley's Project Management skills are invaluable to E-Claim in keeping our many projects within scope and on schedule. Quiet but not shy, Haley will "crack the whip" as needed, if a project is not moving according to schedule.

Haley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences (LSU) and a Master of Science in Information Technology Management. Haley has previously held positions with the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board and Lockheed Martin Corporation at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, including the External Fuel Tank Program. Her assignment involved prioritizing and processing the daily application activities supporting the manufacture of the tank. Yes, it's true, she was a real "rocket scientist"...