Long Vu

Product Manager
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As Product Manager, Long is the cornerstone of ClickClaims. Nothing happens in the code without Long's knowledge and involvement. He manages the final Quality Assurance of all projects, implements all changes to base code, and manages all code pushes. Long engineered ClickClaims' Version 2 Documents Manager and Forms Builder, two of the application's most advanced and valued modules. Nearly two years in the development cycle, these projects were not only complex, but required extensive research and development time, even prior to the first line of code written. Long's ability to multi-task while remaining on-task with these major projects speaks to his commitment and determination.

Long also provides Tier 2 customer support and enjoys working with our clients as much as they appreciate having him work for them. Long is fundamentally involved in the system architecture and contributes frequently to the application enhancements.

A graduate of Louisiana State University, Long Vu came aboard with E-Claim after several years with the Louisiana State Attorney General's Office. Long has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences.

Long is known as "Mr. Football" in the office. If you want to know who is playing and what the line is on any game, college or pro, you need only go see Long. He is a walking encyclopedia on anything football.